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  Motocross Madness 2 is a great race simulation game developed by Rainbow Studios and distributed by Microsoft. Riders can compete on tracks for winning times or just free ride and explore an amazing variety of enviroments. Playing this game on the internet is easy because MSN.com hosts a Motocross Madness 2 game server. If you own the game you can play with people in real time from all over the world...FOR FREE. wow.

  The coolest part about the Motocross Madness series is that fans are able to design and distribute custom made courses and enviroments that can be used in the game. Track Creators are sharing their custom desiged .env files. Hundreds of free tracks are available throughout the web.
  MCM2 is accompanied by a new shareware program called Armadillo. This is a cool gui based Track Editor that makes it possible to create and package MCM2's .env files. I have begun posting some Armadillo info and tips.

logo for twisteddirt.com team website  Twisted Dirt is a team of 3d Motocross track developers. With a international roster of volunteer programmers, racers, and 3d artists. The Twisted Dirt Team works together to create MCM2 tracks that are fun to ride and a pleasure to view. The courses are test ridden and tweaked to perfection before they are published. The depth of skills and resources in the group encourage track designers to push the limits of the MCM2 games potential. I am proud to be included as a new member of the Team. You will find only the best tracks at TwistedDirt. Visit twisteddirt.com to download my latest tracks.

  Downloads, detailed descriptions and screen shots of my free MCM2 tracks are available here at harmonic cycle.


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