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Released in Europe as
Supreme Snowboarder and later in the USA as Boarder Zone this snowboarding simulation game was developed in Finland by Housemarque and is marketed in the US by InfoGrames.


The beautiful graphics are a thrill as you race for a best time or attempt wild freestyle moves but the coolest part about this game is that players are not constrained to a course. You may wander all over the mountain in search of the fastest routes or wildest jumps. It is exciting to explore the back country, speeding down a powdered slope with no idea what lays ahead.

This is my customized texture 		map image of Akiko's headSome players have become aware that the texture skins that decorate the objects in the Boarder Zone game are a fairly common graphics file format. The Targa or .tga files are easy to design and share. Customizing the look of your game can be a lot of fun. Martin Larsson's S-snowboarding website offers Boarder Zone customizing info and a collection of original board and clothing files. Swapping skin textures seems to be unofficially supported by the Boarder Zone...the game's default install includes a big collection of extra clothing outfits but offers no documentation on how to exchange them...

Click here for tips and info about replacing clothes, boards and other textures in Boarder Zone.

Click here to view screen shots of the customized clothing outfits

Click here for free downloads of my customized character clothing textures

this is my customized 		texture map image of Keith's snowboarding pants




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